Výcvik elitných jednotiek

The seminar will be held in the september 2012 in Bratislava. You may request more information via e-mail reservations@systematigra.com, or by calling +421 919 149 571. The exact term will be adjusted according to your demands.

The seminar is also accessible for general public - previous experience with martial arts is not required.

The seminar will contain:

-  theoretical basics of russian martial art

-  tactical methods

-  special development exercises

-  fighting acrobatics on solid surface

-  grips and grip releases

-  hits and protection from hits (both by hand and leg)

-  pushing on sensitive points and zones

-  weapon handling (club, knife, pistol etc.)

-  psychological training

Type of each attender's training will be adjusted accordingly to his physical skills and mutual agreement.

Reccomended equipment:

-  Sports wearing, comfortable shoes

Contact us and request further information...