Marian Marko


under patronage of experienced instructor Marko

This martial art was developed in 1997 thanks to cooperation of russian special forces Specnaz and instructor Marian Marko himself.

It was developed in harsh siberian climate, where these soldiers were training and mastering other martial arts so that their style had become as efficient as possible even in the most difficult conditions...

So far this martial art has never been promoted for public sector – it has been developed and perfected exclusively for russian elite military units.

After downfall of the Soviet Union, thanks to former members of Specnaz the basics of this system spreaded into western Europe and eventually reached Slovakia, where instructor Marko himself worked on its modifying and perfectioning.

Systema Tigra style has been developed on the principles of simplicity and effectivity, with the intention to disable or neutralize an enemy even under the most difficult fighting circumstances.

Instructor Marko splited the Systema into following four branches:

A.) Systema for police and military units

B.) Systema for private security services

C.) Systema for VIP bodyguards

D.) Systema for general public